PB PHARMA GROUP is the right partner for the company whose develop their market share in Italy or in foreign countries (European community or and extra europe).

The network of relationship both in Italy then with foreign countries and its consolidated presence in the market and in the area allow to PB PHARMA GROUP to be a partner with competence and in the same time competitive in the complex pharmaceutical market. The business board is constituted from managers and professionals of high competence coming from different experiences (national and international) and with a deep knowledge of the market of reference.

PB PHARMA GROUP considers and commercializes a line of products for human use (Drugs and over-the-counter medication skin cosmetics) and veterinarian. Our purpose is meeting the highest standards of quality and innovation in European and non-European market.

"Strategic consultant company
in the pharmaceutical areas,
healthcare, medicine,
veterinarian and nutrition"

"Food supplements for veterinary use (pet and profit animal)"